November 5, 2018

Sure-Fire Ways to Increase your Hotel Revenue During Diwali

Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India. And it is joyfully celebrated in many parts of the world. Families come together during these auspicious time. Travel is also on many people's minds.

Needless to say, these are one of the best days to increase your hotel occupancy and here is how you can do it:

1. Begin with a Booking Engine

If your hotel website doesn't have a Booking Engine as of now, you are missing out on increased hotel revenue. If you have a booking Engine, you can get direct bookings for your hotel. The benefit of direct bookings is that you need not share your profit with OTAs or any third party booking platform. Direct bookings also increase one-to-one interaction between your hotel and your guests. This makes way for trust, reliability and increased online presence for your hotel.

2. Employ an email strategy

Emails can help you well during this festival of light, many people look out for good deals and offer before deciding their holiday destinations. In fact, good offers and deal often influence the destinations for travelers. So roll up your sleeve and start by offering special holiday packages to your old and new customers.
Emails have good conversion rates for hotels.

3. Mention Key Perks on your Website

Festivals are the times when your hotel must be offering various festive perks and privileges. Let the people clearly know about them on your hotel website. Be it free breakfast, free wifi or tickets to a local attraction or transportation services, mention them clearly on your website. If you want to sell the rooms, you have to show the people the perks. So take it down and announce your special offers and packages to the world on your hotel website.

4. Use Social media to Share your Plans

Socail media has a huge reach. And many travellers, especially mellenials are influenced by the offers and deals they see on the social media. Make sure that all your social media accounts have posts regarding your offers and deals. Social media has far reaching effects and its audience is looking for offers and deals online.

5. Run Ads and Use Digital Marketing Tactics

It's true that all the above steps will definitely bring you bookings, but it doesn't hurt to invest a little in advertising during the peak festive season. As everyone is fishing for attention, give your deals a bonus push with the help of paid ads. Digital marketing during festivals is also very important. Warm wishes and e-cards to come under digital marketing during the festivals. Be relevant during festivals and gain bookings.

6. Think long Term

Festivals are going to pass, so you have to think long-term to keep up with a healthy revenue flow for your hotels. Pay special attention to upselling and cross-selling during the festivals. Also, try to hit a good rapport with the guests who stay with you during the festivals. You can even prompt them to join your hotel's loyalty program.

Festivals are great revenue boosters for the hotel industry. If you would like to rejuvenate your hotel business this Diwali, embark a successful business journey with Pure ITES.

Pure ITES provides cloud-based Hospitality solutions for all types of hotels. Our services include Property Management System, Booking Engine and also Channel Manager. Along with it we also offer Restaurant Management Cloud-based tools like Restaurant POS, Digital Menu, Online Ordering System and Kitchen Display system.

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