December 4, 2018

Battle High OTA Commissions with a Direct Bookings

The Hotel and Restaurant Association of Gujarat has taken the firm and unusual decision to boycott online booking portals like Goibibo and MakeMyTrip due to the huge discounts they offer which cut down an alarming portion of the profits of the hoteliers.

The hoteliers of Gujarat are also disturbed by the fact that these portals have raised their commissions from 15% to 35%.

According to Narendra Somani, the President of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Gujarat, this decision is not only due to the decline in the profit rates but also about sustaining the growth of the hotel business in Gujarat.

In the wake of this news, hoteliers can take steps into shifting their focus on other ways to gain bookings for their hotels.

Here's how hoteliers can still keep up their hotel room occupancy this season

OTA vs Hotel Direct Booking

Focus On Getting Direct Bookings

In the present times, be it food or love, we can find it all online. Same goes for hotel booking. The first source people check to get travel information is the internet. Realizing the importance of having a strong online presence, hoteliers now have hotel websites which impress the customers and build trust in your hotel brand.

Having a Hotel Booking Engine will take you a step ahead in reaching your desired hotel room occupancy.

Having a booking Engine on your website allows users to book your hotel directly from you instead of the OTAs. This, in turn, has many advantages for you as well as the users.

If you want an online Booking Engine that can meet all your booking needs, have a look at Pure ibooking. Direct bookings and online reservations become easier with Pure ibooking Booking Engine.

As the users book directly from you, you don't have to share commissions with anyone. If the guests are pleased with your services, they are more likely to book with you, leave positive online reviews and even recommend your hotel to their family and friends. Booking Engine will also give them an individual account to manage their bookings and reservations.

An online booking Engine also helps you cut down your dependence on the online OTAs and other channels which charge huge commissions from you and where you have no control over the discounts and deals they offer on your own hotel rooms.

How can you get Maximum Occupancy by using a Booking Engine?

Promote Direct Booking in your Content

Be it your website copy or your advertisements, share the perks of direct booking whenever you can.

You can also plan on creating a loyalty program to retain your customers for your hotel.

Try to focus on providing exceptional services for your guests. If you have good reviews lined up for your hotel and it is easy to book with you, then people will surely book directly with you.

Be Found Easily On Search Engines

Google Hotel Ads

The reason OTAs are so successful and popular is that they are so easy to find on the internet. One search of a location and you immediately get a list of hotels to book.

So do like they do it, and be on top of the search results. SEO optimization for your hotel website is the key to have increased online visibility. SEO optimizing includes placing relevant keywords wherever you can.

To prompt booking, you can add some rich snippets along with rates, offers, and locations to help users pick you quickly. A book now button is a must. Nobody on the internet has patience. You can also sign up for Google Hotel Ads to increase your Search Engine Rankings on the Search Engine.

Get Vocal on Social Media

In clear and concise words, share your direct booking options on social media. If you can someone allow them to book directly from the social media platforms, then it is even better. Facebook gives you the Book Now button facility to allow your Guests to book with you instantly with some professional help.

Don't forget to add professionally captured pictures of your hotel rooms on social media. Let the world see what you have got to offer.

Utilize your Data Base

Start out by sending emails to guests who booked your hotel in the past. Offer them special packages or perks for booking directly with you.

It could include complimentary breakfast, free transportation facilities or special tickets to a local attraction. You can tie up with the local tourism department to design deals and packages which may be a value-added deal for your guests.

Break free of the dependency on others, and reap the complete profits of your hotel business by using an online booking Engine.

If you are interested in the overall growth of your hotel and restaurant business, Pure ITES offers cloud-based Hotel and Restaurant Management Software. Our products include Property Management System, Booking Engine, Channel Manager, Restaurant POS system, Digital Menu, Online Ordering Systems and many other.

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